Bow and Arrow

Many say the broadhead is the most important component of the hunting archer’s equipment. Because this object is the first thing that actually comes in contact with the deer, that idea may be well founded. Choosing a broadhead can be difficult. There are more hunting points out there than we have species to shoot them at.

Your broadhead should be chosen to fit your exact needs. Some things to consider first are: type of bow, composition of arrow, size of game and cost. There are some areas where I’ll settle for average. Not so with my archery gear. I strive for the very best I can find. Carbon arrows have proven to me to be superior to aluminum. Not only does their decreased diameter increase speed, but they are much more resilient and forgiving than aluminum.

Propelling these high-performance projectiles is where your system will be completed. Finding the right bow to hunt deer with is as much fun as it is important. Keep one point foremost in your mind as you shop and decide on a bow. Buy a bow that’s comfortable for you. Don’t let public opinion, your buddy’s advice or slick advertising affect your judgment.

You should look for a bow that delivers high speed and superior power. Look for a bow that will shoot your arrows at more than 240 feet per second. I recommend limb-forward positioning and an adjustable grip. I suggest a bow that allows you the option of different let-offs. I also want a lightweight, well-balanced bow.

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